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Module 44: Eliciting Consequences

This module explains Guided Choices. It shares what to do when a student has chosen to act on an inappropriate level, has recognized doing so, and continues to behave on the same behavioral level. Guided Choices is very successful, but like so many other aspects of the Discipline Without Stress Teaching Model, it is different from what is practiced in so many coercive classrooms and schools. Some teachers refer to “natural” or “logical” consequences, but as long as they are IMPOSED, they are coercive. Guided Choices uses authority without being coercive or punitive. The concepts of fairness and consistency are discussed. As with so many aspects of the program, being proactive by explaining the procedure of eliciting ensures its success.


Module 45: The Essay Forms and Self-Diagnostic Referrals

This module shares how to use an essay for teachers who want something tangible and immediate. As usual, giving students an option or choice is included in how the form is used. The module also shares how to calm a situation when students have high energy. The reflection piece explains more in detail how to use the essay and concludes with the module by emphasizing that the student, not the teacher, does all the work.


Module 46: Working with Defiant and Impulsive Youth

This module introduces the Essay form, the Self-Diagnostic Referral, and the Parent Note shown in the Resource Guide. These forms were used BEFORE the ELICITING procedure was developed. This model shares how to handle a situation in which a student refuses to complete the Essay. Authority is used but without coercion by giving choices. An approach is shared about calling parents. The module also shares what to do when the Essay is no longer effective and how to use the Self-Diagnostic Referral. How and when to use the school’s regular office referrals are also explained.

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