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Module 30: The Raise Responsibility System

This module shows where the DISCIPLINE program, referred to as the Raise Responsibility System, fits into the teaching model.


Module 31: A Horse Analogy and Trust

This module shares the philosophy that every time an adult uses authority, the student is deprived of an opportunity to become more responsible. The principles of collaboration and noncoercion are emphasized. A demonstration is shown of how a wild horse is trained in less than 30 minutes as an example of how to influence others by not using coercion. The importance of trust is demonstrated in a classroom and how necessary it is for students to feel safe in your classroom. The module ends with a challenge.


Module 32: Understanding Behaviorism

This module shares the idea that successful teachers are proactive, rather than just reacting to students’ inappropriate behaviors. Classical conditioning and behavior modification using reinforcement are explained and how Tom Sawyer was a better psychologist than B.F. Skinner, the mentor of the theory used in much of today’s education in the area of influencing behavior.

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