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Module 40: Checking for Understanding

This module explains what to do when a student has been taught the levels and continues to act on one of the unacceptable levels—A or B. After teaching the hierarchy, this second phase of the discipline system is referred to as Checking for Understanding. Simple cognitive learning theory is applied: teaching and then checking for understanding. We find out if the disrupting student has learned what was taught. The activity has the youngster simply acknowledge having chosen an unacceptable level. This phase is so effective because it separates the act from the actor, the deed from the doer, a good kid from inappropriate behavior by not prompting counterwill.


Module 41: A Letter from an Elementary School Teacher

This module shares a letter from an elementary teacher demonstrating the effectiveness of Checking for Understanding.


Module 42: A Letter from a Middle School Teacher

This letter shares a letter from a middle school teacher who was his county’s teacher of the year but was thinking of leaving the profession until he started implementing the Raise Responsibility System. He then shares how he changed his approach by using the system and the success and joy he received when using it. The module offers suggestions and emphasizes that the first change in your students starts with changes you make. Some helpful hints, including a marvelously successful procedure, are shared along with a significant point to remember, viz., the person who asks the question controls the situation.

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