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Module 10: Positivity, Choice, and Reflection

Implementing these three practices is necessary to reduce discipline problems, enhance relationships, and increase your effectiveness. They also enhance your personal life as well as your professional life. The critical connection between thinking and feelings is explained along with the importance of how this connection affects learning.


Module 15: The Power of Choice

The empowerment of choice begins this module. The difference between a pessimistic viewpoint and an optimistic viewpoint is determined by the perception of choice. Presenting choices or options enhances learning because they prompt ownership.


Module 16: Choice-Response Thinking

This module explains how victimhood thinking can be avoided—regardless of a situation that cannot be changed, a stimulation that prompts an automatic response, or an urge that prompts action. The way to change emotions or feelings is explained along with some examples. The module includes characteristics that cannot be mandated along with a phrase to teach your students so they are always empowered.


Module 17: Changing One Word

This module shows how one word can change feelings.


Module 18: Giving 3 to 5 Choices

This module show how choice empowers. It shares the reason that giving choices is so effective. The greatest paradox with working with others is explained. The key to success in working with passive-aggressive and oppositional defiant students is shared—along with the prime characteristic that make the program so successful.


Module 20: Changing Mindsets through Choice

This module introduces a different way of thinking—from an external control mentality to that of internal control.

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