Modules – Additional Concepts


An Administrator’s View # 47 | PBIS & Classroom Meetings #48 | Using Rewards #49 – 51, 53 | Problems with Praise #52 | Punishments # 53 | Closing #54

  • This module explains administrative backup when a student is sent to the office.
    Module 47: An Administrator’s View
  • This module asks an interesting question and emphasizes the necessity of commitment for success. The module includes how using Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) can be used with Discipline Without Stress. The reflection piece concludes with other chapters of the education book not covered in this seminar, the...
    Module 48: Commitment, PBIS, & Classroom Meetings
  • This module shows how students who complete all requirements but do not receive the expected reward perceive using rewards as punishment. PBIS is further discussed and how this approach can still be used with Discipline Without Stress—even though the former depends on external motivation while the latter uses internal motivation.
    Module 49: Punished by Rewards & Implementing PBIS
  • This module discusses rewards as incentives, as acknowledgments, and for their use with expected standards of behavior. A letter is shared by an elementary school principal about rewarding students for getting good grades.
    Module 50: Understanding Rewarding
  • This module discusses how grades can be good incentives if the student is interested in achieving good grades. The module also explains the difference between praise and acknowledgements.
    Module 51: Rewards, Praise, & Acknowledgements
  • This module shares a letter by a school principal on the subject.
    Module 52: Acknowledgement vs. Praise
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