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Individual eLearning

The price for membership is $148.85 now.


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After viewing the modules and implementing them, you will:

• Be fair and consistent when disciplining. . . so there is no resistance.
• Handle irresponsible behavior simply and easily. . . to reduce stress and frustrations.
• Reduce negative peer pressure. . . so young people want to behave more responsibly.
• Eliminate time-outs . . . so as not to create feelings of being punished and abandoned.
• Use authority without resorting to punishment. . . so relationships are never damaged.

As important as these are for success, there’s more. You will:
• Reduce bullying and empower young people to stop it.
• Reduce impulsivity by learning how to manage impulses.
• Eliminate any victimhood mentality by learning three universal approaches.
• Reduce your stress, increase your effectiveness, and improve your relationships.

One-time Program Investment $229

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Free Trial

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Take our program for a test run! In your free trial you will have access to the following modules:

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 4 – Attention Management
Module 47 – Administrator’s View
Module 30 – The Raise Responsibility System

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Organization eLearning

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Perfect for schools and organizations that require multiple seats for DWS eLearning!

Individual program investment is $229. Purchase 5 or more seats and receive significant savings per seat!

School districts also have the option to pay by P.O. Please send the PO to Marv@marvinmarshall.com

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Sponsored eLearning

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