Thank you for taking the time to preview Discipline Without Stress. Here you can learn to use authority without coercion. This program consists of 54 modules categorized into four parts:

  • Classroom management to make instruction efficient,
  • Three universal practices to reduce stress and increase effectiveness,
  • The only totally noncoercive but never permissive discipline system, and
  • Using internal motivation to increase academic performance.

Since repetition is essential for learning, there is no expiration date.

The following are 4 modules for your preview.

Module 1 – Introduction

This module introduces Discipline Online for implementing the DISCIPLINE WITHOUT STRESS TEACHING MODEL and the PARENTING WITHOUT STRESS MODEL that show how to handle every discipline problem and increase motivation for learning. It makes clear the difference between discipline and classroom management—which is essential for understanding successful teaching, learning, and handling inappropriate behaviors.

Discipline is about behavior, while the key to classroom management is about making instruction efficient by practicing procedures until they become habits. A few examples are given. The module contains the first of a number of informal reflections describing how to gain the most from the program. The module ends explaining the option of receiving university credit. (See the last module for details.)

Module 4: Attention Management

This module shares a simple and very effective classroom management procedure to get students’ attention very rapidly so class time is not wasted. Some type of immediate attention-getting procedure is critical for effective classroom management.

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Module 30: The Raise Responsibility System

This module introduces Phase III of Discipline Without Stress for both parents and teachers. This discipline and behavior program is referred to as the Raise Responsibility System because it prompts young people to want to be more responsible—without the use of rewards to control, threats, or imposed punishments.

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Module 47: An Administrator’s View

This module explains administrative backup when a student is sent to the office.

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