Handle EVERY behavior problem without stress & without coercion.

"Your work cements your position as today’s preeminent authority on teaching and working productively with students of all ages. You are the best thing going in discipline."—C.M. Charles - BUILDING CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE

Solve any discipline or behavior challenge.

I Classroom management to make instruction efficient,
II Three universal practices to reduce stress and increase effectiveness,
III The only totally noncoercive but never permissive discipline system, and
IV Using internal motivation to increase academic performance.
Discipline Online is designed to be viewed individually at convenient times 24/7.

Sample Module

Rules are necessary in games but are counterproductive between people. Relying on rules turns you into a cop focusing on enforcement and creating adversarial relationships. Learn a significantly more successful approach where people want to do what you want.


By using your approach, we have a different school this year.
—Esther Severy, Principal – Santa Ana, California

About Dr. Marshall

I developed Discipline Without Stress when I returned to the classroom after 24 years in guidance, staff development, and administrative positions at all levels, k-12. You will realize how simple and effective the system is when you use it—as others around the world testify to its effectiveness.

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